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UK SUP History

In 2013 many of the UK paddlers were commenting that the SUP in the UK had no direction, structure or governance.  A UK paddler Joanne Hamilton-Vale contacted a few key paddlers and Clubs in December 2013 and pitched her idea of holding a National Race Series to find our UK National Champions.  Pete Holliday and Joanne Hamilton-Vale, together with 10 UK Clubs organised a 10 race National Series to be held in England, Wales and Jersey.  A structured set of rules and scoring system were finalised and in January 2014 our Race Series was announced.

The UK SUP races is 2014 attracted over 260 paddlers, with most attending at least 6 races in the year.  Our 12'6 and 14' National Champions were announced in August and UK SUP provided entry to the 11 City Tour or Battle of the Paddle for the National Champions.

In September/October we surveyed the UK paddlers to gain knowledge on the best way to progress into 2015.  This survey was completed by almost 300 paddlers.  A plan was set for 2015 and a meeting was held in November, where every Club in the UK was invited, to discuss the 2015 plan.  It was great to see over 50 attendees at the meeting.

In 2015 we incorporated Junior National Race Series, run and sponsored by Red Paddle Co and One Design racing, run and sponsored by Naish ONE design.  We held 9 events across the country, with best 5 results counting towards the National Championship Title.  Blue Chip hosted the largest race in the UK as a UK SUP National Race with 165 entrants.

In November we held a detailed annual meeting and posted complete minutes.  UK SUP continue to be completely transparent in all our actions and plans

Our vision for 2016 will be to continue with adult National Championship race series, Junior National race series & Naish ONE design racing series.  We will be aiming for a larger geographical coverage with our race series.

We will be holding an eight event series, with best 5 races to count.

UK SUP will be working alongside  a Club to host a grand finale which will incorporate adult, junior and one design national championship prize giving.  This prize giving will be held at a UK SUP dinner event on the early evening of the race

UK SUP have been working with the Environment Agency to generate a  best practice document for UK waterways.  This will continue through 2016

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