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Our Vision

Year 1

  • Get the 10 race series off the ground
  • Put in place some standardised race rules & regulations to help paddlers & event organisers alike. (Things like start procedures / distances / safety / drafting etc.) Based on SUPAA guidelines
  • Find the best SUP racers in the UK
  • Help new clubs form around the country by providing support, guidance & information

Year 2

  • Expand the race series events to include junior race series and one design racing
  • Secure funding for UK's best paddlers for international events
  • Continue to help new clubs form
  • Promote all SUP events within the UK
  • Generate SUP calendar for the UK
  • List all UK Clubs in UK on website to enable new paddlers to meet like minded people and progress their paddling

Year 3

  • Work with external associations to ensure SUP safety across the Country
  • Investigate SUP Insurance and secure a discount for members
  • Introduce 4 new clubs to our race series
  • Larger geographical area for racing
  • Continue with Junior Racing and One Design Racing

Year 4

  • Introduce Ultra Endurance Racing as well as National Race Series
  • Continue to increase our geographical area into Scotland
  • Continue with Junior Racing and One Design Racing
  • Recreate UK Event calendar