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8th April
Mid-distance & Sprint
Lake Bala, Gwynedd
14th May
WSA, Cardiff
27th May
Ultra Endurance (55Km)
Thames Ultra
17th & 18th June
Ultra Endurance (42 & 35Km)
Norfolk Broads
15th July
Beach Technical
BaySUP, Poole
16th September
Super Lap & Sprint
Suffolk SUP
14th October
Ultra Endurance (92Km)
Great Glen, Scotland
21st October
Central SUP, Tamworth

These will be run as two separate series - National Paddle Board Race Series and Ultra Endurance Paddle Board Race Series. In the National Race Series your best 3 results count and the in the Endurance Race Series all 3 count.


* Endurance races are Run by UK SUP, the race in Norfolk will be run in partnership with Martham SUP Club.